Valentine’s Day is coming soon and with it the perfect opportunity to share a love of reading with your kids! Here are a few easy tips to grow young book lovers in your own home.

Read to Your Kids Every Day

Did you know that when you read with your children more than three times a week, they are more likely to score in the top 25% of their class in reading.* Just 20 minutes a day of reading aloud to your children can make a huge impact. Set up a reading routine so it becomes second nature to share a great book with your kids.

Create a Reading Spot at Home

When starting a routine, create a nice space for reading. A comfy chair, a few pillows on the floor, or simply a favorite stuffed animal friend can make reading more fun!

Find Books at a Variety of Reading Levels

Kids need a challenge. Having books around at a variety of reading levels inspires children to try something new. You never know what they will discover on their own!

Share Your Favorite Childhood Books

They best way to grow a reader is to model it! Get your kids excited by sharing your favorite books. They will pick up on your nostalgia and excitement over a well-worn favorite.

Discuss Rare Words From Every Book

Just 20 minutes a day of reading with your kids can expose them to over a million words a year.* When a new word is presented, stop and ask your child about it. Ask them to define and use the word. This promotes retention and builds vocabulary.

Allow for Short Discussions Before, During and After Reading

Have your child describe the book based on the cover. Throughout the story, ask questions about characters and plots. At the end, encourage your child to summarize the story and its meaning.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

When asking your children about what they are reading, consider using open-ended questions like "why" or "how." This allows them to make important connections in the story and improves comprehension, a big part of learning to read.

Relate Stories to Everyday Life

Ask your child how they relate to the characters. This helps build comprehension and understanding while making reading relatable.

Encourage Reading Aloud to YOU

Let your children pick out their favorite books and read them to you. Even if they are just reciting what they remember, help them be a part of the fun!

Be a Role Model for Reading

Your children look up to you, and the best way to encourage them to read is to model it yourself. Don’t limit yourself to books either! Share magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and more with your children.

Read Books More Than Once

Read books a few times so your children can explore the themes and stories more in-depth. This allows them to find new information each time.

Visit Your Local Library

Take your children to the library and encourage them to choose their own books. Let them practice independent thinking and exploration.
Overall, make reading fun! Use funny voices, inspire interaction and laugh! Your kids will enjoy the quality time and keep asking for more!
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