Environmental print consists of the print that daily surrounds the child in a variety of different forms including signs and logos.  By about two years of age, most children have begun to take notice of this print and learn to “read” the print in context.  Numerous studies have proven that offering children print-rich environments, both in the classroom and at home, helps to build their self-confidence as pre-readers and makes them more eager to continue learning to read.

Sources of environmental print for your  pre-readers:

Restaurant Menus 
Restaurant menus often contain logos (restaurant logo, drink logos, etc.) that pre-readers are able to recognize.
Whether the publication is meant for adults or for children, or seen in the supermarket checkout or at home, the title of a publication can become easily recognizable to young children through repetition.
Food Packaging 
Children see food brand logos on a daily basis. They are found on restaurant signs as well as on the food products labels in the cabinets and refrigerator at home or in the kitchen center in the classroom.
Many of the toys that pre-readers play with are labeled with the brightly-colored and bold logos of the toy brand.