Nursery rhymes are non-sensical verses whose silliness and rhythm appeal to young children.  Because they are often very short while still containing a simple story with a beginning, middle and end, nursery rhymes are an ideal way for children to begin learning to listen to narratives from start to finish.

Nursery Rhymes that will keep your pre-readers listening and asking for more:

Out of the Nursery by Elizabeth Gauthier
Traditional nursery rhymes are offered here with playful new twists.
Sylvia Long’s Mother Goose by Sylvia Long
With fresh illustrations, Long inventively links the traditional nursery rhymes, occasionally incorporating two rhymes into a single illustration.
My Very First Mother Goose by Iona Opie 
More than 60 nursery rhymes are presented here with illustrations by Rosemary Wells that cleverly reinterpret the original rhymes.
Mother Goose Remembers by Clare Beaton 
Nearly 50 nursery rhymes are uniquely illustrated with hand-sewn designs, incorporating an assortment of baubles and trinkets.
Favorite Nursery Rhymes From Mother Goose by Scott Gustafson
Gustafson’s beautifully illustrated collected of beloved nursery rhymes include traditional interpretations of the rhymes as well as fresh surprises.