Looking for ways to encourage even more reading among your students?

Check out these fun ideas for getting everyone excited for the BOOK IT! kickoff in October, and beyond.

Classroom Competition

Track reading and create a school wide competition by classroom. Find a prominent place in the school to track number of minutes or books read by each classroom, such as the entrance or the cafeteria. Assign each class a clear water jug and add marbles or other items to physically track reading. Kids will love the visual representation of their efforts and the friendly competition will encourage even more reading.

Door Competition

Have each class pick their favorite book, a book they are studying in class, or consider using the 2016-17 BOOK IT! partner Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures By Kate DiCamillo, and decorate the door of your classroom based on the book. Invite the Library Media Specialist to judge the door decorations for theme and creativity. Get your students excited about reading by allowing them to express their creativity.

Grade Level Competition

Schools can host challenges based on grade level as well. Create a poster to color in minutes read. Or, write the name of the book down on a strip of paper and add it to a paper chain for each grade. String them around the front office or the library to show off how much your students read!

Book Pictionary

Create clue cards that involve popular books or characters from well-known stories. Have a student draw the clue and encourage the rest of the class to guess. This can be a fun way to engage with books you are already reading in class.

House Points

Another fun way to track reading competitions is house points! Take a page out of Harry Potter and assign house points for students who meet reading goals. Houses can be by class, grade or even smaller groups within an individual class. Invent your own house names, traits and colors.

March Madness

It’s a battle of the books, who will win? Create a March madness style bracket with your class’s favorite books or with award winning Newbery books. Have the kids fill out a bracket with their own predictions for the winner. Each week host a vote on one of the showdowns. Celebrate the winner with a themed party!