Valentine's Day Books


It's that time of year - chocolate, hearts and hugs abound, and it gives us an opportunity to help you find the perfect books for your classroom. These Valentine-themed books are a few of our favorites. We've also provided accompanying with Read and Do activities that will help your students read their hearts out this Valentine's Day.

Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart

by Jane O'Connor
Almost everything about Valentine’s Day is fancy, especially Fancy Nancy! Things get very exciting when Fancy Nancy receives a valentine from a secret admirer. Nancy must use her fabulous sleuthing skills and follow the clues to find out who it is.
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Love, Splat

by Rob Scotten
Splat has made a very special valentine for Kitten, whom he likes more than fish sticks and ice cream. But Splat is unsure if Kitten likes him back and gets discouraged when another rival cat also likes Kitten. Read to find out if Splat’s heartfelt valentine wins Kitten over in the end.
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Pete the Cat Valentine's Day is Cool

by Kim and James Dean
Valentine’s Day has never been cool to Pete the Cat. However, as Valentine’s Day approaches, Pete realizes he has a lot of special cats he really appreciates. Follow Pete as he makes Valentine cards for all the cool cats in his life.
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Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

by Eileen Spinelli
Mr. Hatch lives a lonley and uninteresting life, until one day he receives a mysterious package with a note that says “Somebody loves you.” Immediately, things begin to turn around for Mr. Hatch, as he tries to figure out who sent him this wonderful gift. This is a heartwarming story about the power of love, friendship, and a simple act of appreciation and kindness go a long way.
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The Biggest Valentine Ever

by Steven Kroll
Two friends, Clayton and Desmond, decide to make a valentine card together to surprise their teacher. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned between the two friends. After a few setbacks while trying to make cards on their own, Clayton and Desmond learn that only by working together can they make the biggest valentine card ever!
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